Jacinda Barrett Opens Up About Her Family With Gabriel Macht

You know Gabriel Macht as the dashing Harvey Specter on Suits, but did you know he’s a family man in real life? The actor has two kids with wife Jacinda Barrett, and she’s opening up about their life together. Get the inside scoop on Macht’s daughter Satine and son Luca. We’ve got all the cute details on the couple’s 14-year marriage and their adorable brood. You’ll love hearing how normal and down-to-earth Macht is off-screen as a hands-on dad. Keep reading to find out what Barrett said about carpool and homework duty in the Macht-Barrett household. Their relationship seems as solid as ever after meeting on a movie set way back when.

Introducing Gabriel Macht’s Wife Jacinda Barrett

A Supportive Spouse

Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett have been happily married since 2004. As Macht’s career was taking off with his breakout role as Harvey Specter on Suits, Barrett was right by his side offering her support. She has said that she’s Macht’s biggest fan and has attended many of his film premieres and awards shows.

A Talented Actress Herself

While Macht has found fame and success, Barrett is an accomplished actress in her own right. She’s appeared in films like The Last Kiss, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and Ladder 49. Barrett took a break from acting to focus on raising their two children, Satine and Luca, but has recently returned to TV, landing a role in the Netflix series Virgin River.

A Blended Family

Macht and Barrett have a daughter, Satine, born in 2007 and a son, Luca, born in 2011. Barrett has said that being a mother is her most important role. Though the couple keeps their children out of the spotlight, they seem to have raised them in a very loving, supportive environment. The family splits their time between Los Angeles and New Zealand, where Barrett was born. They value spending quality time together, whether it’s on fun family vacations, hiking and being active outdoors, or just relaxing at home.

A Lasting Love

After over 15 years of marriage, Macht and Barrett seem as happy and in love as ever. They frequently post adorable photos together on social media and never miss an opportunity to gush about one another. Their relationship is built on mutual love and respect. While celebrity marriages often struggle under the pressures of fame and busy schedules, these two have built a strong foundation and partnership that allows their love and family to come before all else.

How Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett Met and Fell in Love

Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett first crossed paths in 1992 on the set of the TV movie ‘Why Me?’. At the time, Gabriel was just starting his acting career, while Jacinda had already achieved success as a model. Despite the chemistry, a romance didn’t spark until 2004 when they reconnected in Los Angeles. As Gabriel recalled, “We just started hanging out again…and fell in love.”

A Whirlwind Courtship and Wedding

The couple’s relationship progressed quickly. Within a year, Gabriel proposed and Jacinda accepted. They tied the knot in a small ceremony at a friend’s home in the Hollywood Hills in December 2004.

Building a Family

Not long after getting married, Gabriel and Jacinda started a family. Their daughter Satine Anais Geraldine Macht was born in 2007 and son Luca was born in 2011. According to Jacinda, the births of their children only strengthened their bond. “Having kids together has made us a lot closer,” she said. “You go through so much together and you have to be a team.”

A Lasting Love

More than 15 years after walking down the aisle, Gabriel and Jacinda remain deeply devoted to one another. The secret to their long-lasting love is simple: shared interests, trust, communication and never taking each other for granted. As Jacinda put it, “We really respect each other and we listen to each other…You have to keep working at it. But he really is my best friend.” With a solid foundation of friendship and commitment to their relationship, Gabriel and Jacinda have built a marriage and family that’s sure to endure.

Jacinda Barrett Shares Details About Their Wedding and Married Life

Jacinda and Gabriel’s Romantic Bali Wedding

Jacinda and Gabriel wanted an intimate wedding with close family and friends, so they chose the lush surroundings of Ubud, Bali. They exchanged vows in 2008 in a romantic Balinese-style ceremony. Jacinda described it as “very spiritual” with a water purification ritual and traditional Balinese dancers. The reception was held in an open-air setting surrounded by rice paddies and jungle.

Building a Family and Home Together

Not long after their wedding, Jacinda and Gabriel welcomed their daughter Satine in 2008 and son Luca in 2012. While Gabriel was busy filming Suits in Toronto, Jacinda stayed home with the kids in Los Angeles. During breaks, Gabriel would fly back to spend time with his family. In between seasons, they enjoyed traveling together to meaningful places like Bali or Fiji.

A Strong, Supportive Partnership

Behind the scenes, Gabriel and Jacinda have fostered a loving partnership based on mutual support. Jacinda has been an anchor for Gabriel through the demanding filming schedule of Suits over nine seasons. Gabriel has encouraged Jacinda’s acting career and other creative pursuits. They make time for date nights, bonding over shared interests like surfing, yoga, and travel.

Looking Ahead to New Adventures

With Suits now ended, Gabriel has more time to spend at home. Jacinda and Gabriel are enjoying this new chapter with their kids, now ages 10 and 7. They hope to do more traveling as a family and pursue other acting or creative projects. Through all of life’s ups and downs, Jacinda and Gabriel remain each other’s best friends and biggest supporters. Their relationship is an inspiration, showing that with love, patience and compromise, a marriage and family can thrive even under challenging circumstances.

Welcoming Their Daughter Satine Anais in 2007

In 2007, you and Gabriel welcomed your first child together, a daughter named Satine Anais. As new parents, you were overjoyed at Satine’s arrival. You told People magazine that “Gabriel was very emotional when Satine was born. He was crying. It was really sweet.”

Embracing Parenthood

Becoming a mother changed your life in so many ways. You found yourself completely in love with your baby girl. While Satine didn’t sleep through the night for a couple of years, you and Gabriel took turns getting up with her during those early days. You breastfed Satine, which created an even closer bond between you.

Supporting Gabriel’s Acting Career

Even with a new baby, Gabriel’s acting career was busier than ever filming Suits. As a supportive partner, you did what you could to make things easier for him. You said, “When Gabriel is working, I try to keep things very peaceful at home.” You also brought Satine to visit Gabriel on set, allowing them to spend time together between filming scenes.

Enjoying Satine’s Milestones

As Satine grew from an infant into a toddler, you celebrated all her milestones and shared many memorable moments together as a family. Her first steps, first words, and transitioning from diapers to potty training were all occasions you embraced with joy and pride. Although being a mother wasn’t always easy, every challenge was worthwhile. Satine brought so much happiness and laughter into your lives during those early years.

Becoming parents to Satine strengthened your bond with Gabriel and brought you closer together. Your love for your daughter and desire to give her the best life possible motivated you both to work hard at maintaining a strong, loving relationship. Satine was truly a blessing for your family.

Expanding Their Family With Son Luca in 2014

After eight years of marriage, Gabriel and Jacinda were ready to expand their family again. In August 2014, they welcomed their second child, a son named Luca.

Embracing Parenthood Once More

Becoming parents for the second time was an exciting new chapter for the couple. Luca’s arrival meant learning the ropes all over again and adjusting to caring for an infant while also giving their six-year-old daughter enough attention. “The first few months were challenging as we navigated life with a newborn again after so many years,” Jacinda admitted. However, their experience with Satine made them feel more at ease the second time around.

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