“Save the Mole Tarkov” – The Vital Mission You Must Complete

You’re just sitting there, minding your own business, when you hear a strange noise coming from the wall. At first you think it’s a mouse, but as you listen increasingly closely, it starts to sound less like squeaking and increasingly like…talking? Leaning in, you make out a tiny voice saying “Help me! I’m trapped in here!” Whoa. There’s someone stuck inside your wall! This sounds like a job for you. Grab save the mole tarkov your tools and get ready for a rescue mission, considering the winsome Mole Tarkov needs your help. In this article, you’ll learn all well-nigh these little tunneling critters and how to safely self-ruling the one that picked your wall to dig through. Time to put on your superhero windbreaker and go be the hero this mole needs. Let’s get digging!

Understanding the Importance of “Save the Mole” in Escape From Tarkov

The “save the mole tarkov” quest in Escape From Tarkov is one of the primeval tasks you’ll embark on, but its significance can’t be understated. Completing it unlocks Jaeger, one of the key traders in Tarkov, permitting you to purchase supplies essential for survival in the Norvinsk region.

Locating the Mole

To start, you’ll need to find the mole – a scav superabound named Killa who hides in the Interchange mall. Killa is a formidable foe, so make sure you go in with decent gear and ammo. Search the part-way of the mall, including the supplies magistrate and nearby stores. Listen for the sounds of gainsay to locate Killa, then move in carefully.

Extracting with the Letter

Once you take out Killa, loot his soul to find a letter. Now you must pericope from Interchange without dying, or you’ll have to start over. Stave other players and scavs, find an exfil point, and get out of there!

Completing the Quest

Return the letter to Jaeger to well-constructed the quest. As a reward, Jaeger’s shop will open, giving you wangle to truck items, medical supplies, food, and other goods necessary for surviving in Tarkov. Though difficult, “Save the Mole” is a pivotal quest, and finishing it will set you up for success going forward. Stay vigilant, watch your six, and alimony your throne on a swivel – Tarkov is unforgiving, but with Jaeger’s help, you’ll make it out alive.

How to Unlock the “Save the Mole” Quest in Tarkov

So you want to save the elusive Mole, huh? This quest isn’t the easiest to unlock, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to rhadamanthine the Mole’s savior in no time.

First, you need to reach level 10 in Tarkov. Once you’ve gained unbearable XP to reach this milestone, the quest should wilt available. If it doesn’t pop up right away, requite it some time – the quest can take a few raids to appear.

Reach Loyalty Level 2 with Prapor

Next, you need to well-constructed jobs for Prapor, the ragman trader, until you reach Loyalty Level 2. His jobs mostly involve recovering supply drops, eliminating scavs, and more. Well-constructed unbearable of these jobs and your loyalty will increase.

Accept the Quest

Finally, with Loyalty Level 2 achieved, you should receive a message from Prapor offering you the “Save the Mole” quest. Accept it, and the details will be revealed. You need to find the save the mole tarkov Mole’s hideout, well-spoken the zone of any threats, and escort him to safety.

Saving the Mole is no easy feat, but with determination and the right techniques, you’ll be the hero he needs. Gear up, study the details Prapor provides closely, and be prepared for heavy resistance. The Mole’s life is in your hands now – don’t let him down! By completing this quest, you’ll earn Prapor’s utmost respect and unlock plane increasingly challenging jobs. The fate of Tarkov depends on you.

“Save the Mole” Quest Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

To well-constructed the “Save the Mole” quest, you’ll have to navigate through the x-rated laboratory facility underneath the old factory. This quest can be tricky, so follow these tips to make it through:

Find the Wangle Code

The first obstacle is getting into the facility. Squint for clues in the x-rated office on the first floor of the factory. Search the desks and file cabinets for anything that looks like an wangle code. The lawmaking is usually subconscious somewhere logical, like in a folder labeled “clearance codes.” Once you find the code, throne to the elevator and enter it to descend into the laboratory.

Avoid the Guards

As you explore the laboratory, watch out for the guards still patrolling the halls. Hide in empty rooms or duck overdue corners to stave stuff spotted. Getting unprotected will save the mole tarkov gravity you to start the quest over from the beginning. Move slowly and listen for the sounds of footsteps to determine where the guards are.

Locate the Test Subject

Your goal is to find the mole, a human test subject trapped somewhere in this twisted lab. Check the rooms labeled “Specimen Containment” or “Holding Cells.” The mole should be in one of these locations. Once found, talk to the mole to trigger a cutscene where the mole begs you to release them from the cell.

Find the Release Switch

The mole’s lamina can only be opened using a switch on the opposite side of the lab. Make your way there, lamister guards, and squint for a large lever or sawed-off labeled “Containment Release.” Pull the switch to unshut the lamina doors and self-ruling the mole.

Escape the Facility

With the mole freed, you now need to escape the laboratory together. Retrace your steps while lamister guards to make it when to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the factory floor and escape through the front entrance. Congratulations, you’ve completed the “Save the Mole” quest! The mole is now a loyal companion who will fight by your side.

The Rewards and Benefits of Completing “Save the Mole”

Unique Loot and Gear

Completing the “Save the Mole” questline will reward you with gear and loot sectional to this mission. The Mole’s Cache contains rare crafting materials, ammo, medical supplies, and other useful items you won’t find anywhere else in Tarkov. You’ll moreover receive the Mole’s Sigil, a unique armband proving you saved the Mole.

Unlock New Traders

After finishing this quest, you’ll proceeds wangle to new traders with gear misogynist only to those who have proven themselves by saving the Mole. These traders offer weapons, mods, ammo, and other supplies at lower prices than the standard traders. They moreover sell gear not found in shops, giving you an wholesomeness over other players.

Higher Reputation and New Quests

Completing “Save the Mole” boosts your reputation with many of the traders in Tarkov, permitting you wangle to increasingly quests and rewards. The Mole himself will provide lucrative quests save the mole tarkov and tasks for those who saved him, with big payouts and rare loot. Your new reputation will moreover midpoint discounts at traders and priority wangle to limited gear.

Bragging Rights

Perhaps the most valuable reward is the bragging rights from finishing such a difficult quest. You’ll proceeds serious street cred in Tarkov for taking on this rencontre and emerging victorious. Other players will know you midpoint merchantry without displaying your Mole’s Sigil armband. The ultimate prize is proving you have the skill and determination needed to save the Mole!

“Save the Mole Tarkov” – FAQ and Common Questions

Why is saving the mole tarkov so important?

The mole tarkov is a vital part of our local ecosystem. They oxygenate the soil, permitting water and oxygen to reach plant roots. Their wide-stretching tunneling moreover helps reduce soil compaction and erosion. Without the mole tarkov, many plants and animals in the zone would suffer.

How can I help save the mole tarkov?

There are several ways you can help protect these important creatures:

  • Stave using pesticides, expressly those containing zinc phosphide. These chemicals can poison the mole tarkov and other wildlife.
  • Don’t install ultrasonic repellents or vibration sticks. These devices are ineffective and can harm the mole tarkov.
  • Report any trapped or injured mole tarkov to wildlife authorities immediately. Mole tarkov are protected by law, so trapping and killing them is illegal.
  • Plant native grasses, flowers, and shrubs that provide habitat and supplies sources for the mole tarkov. Things like clover, dandelions, and grasshoppers are part of their diet.
  • Educate your neighbors well-nigh the mole tarkov and encourage them to prefer wildlife-friendly practices as well. Work together as a polity to establish a unscratched habitat corridor.
  • Volunteer your time for conservation efforts like habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring, and polity outreach programs in your area. Many local organizations need help raising sensation and protecting vulnerable species.
Do mole tarkov forfeiture lawns or gardens?

Mole tarkov tunneling and mounds can disturb lawns, gardens, and yards. However, the forfeiture is usually minor and the benefits to your local environment far outweigh any harm. The mole tarkov feed primarily on grubs, worms, and other invertebrates—not plant roots or seeds. Their worriedness unquestionably helps oxygenate and enrich your soil. With some simple deterrents and habitat modifications, you can encourage the mole tarkov to move on or share your space. Excluding them should unchangingly be a last resort.


So there you have it. Saving the mole tarkov is no small feat, but with a little grit and some friends to when you up, you’ve got what it takes to get it done. Sure the journey will be tough, but just imagine the sense of winnings once you’ve pulled off the rescue mission. And increasingly importantly, imagine the gratitude from the mole tarkov as it scurries off into its new unscratched home. The time is now. Grab your gear, rally your hairdo and let’s do this thing – the mole tarkov is counting on you. With heart and determination, we can save this precious creature together. Now go get ’em!

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