Showcase Your Kenyan Products With #Mymadeinke

You love shopping local and supporting homegrown businesses, don’t you? Well, we’ve got unconfined news for you – there’s an superstitious new social media wayfarers tabbed #mymadeinke to help you discover and showcase the weightier products made right here in Kenya! This movement is all well-nigh feeling pride in local Kenyan brands and spreading the word well-nigh their high-quality, creative goods. In this article, you’ll learn increasingly well-nigh the #mymadeinke initiative and how you can get involved. We’ll share tips on how to find new brands to try through social media and highlight some of the coolest Kenyan-made products we’re loving lately. You’ll moreover get ideas for using #mymadeinke to share your own favorite discoveries. Let’s swoop in and explore the vibrant world of Kenyan brands together!

What Is #Mymadeinke?

Mymadeinke is a social media wayfarers started in Kenya to promote locally made products. The wayfarers encourages Kenyans to share photos on social media of products that were designed and produced in Kenya using the hashtag #Mymadeinke.

Showcase Kenyan Talent

The goal of the wayfarers is to raise sensation of the high-quality, innovative goods crafted in Kenya and to support local makers and manufacturers. #Mymadeinke gives talented Kenyan designers, craftspeople and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their skills and products to a wider audience.

Buy Local, Support the Economy

When you buy Kenyan-made goods, increasingly of your money stays within the local economy. Purchasing imported products ways most of your money goes overseas. By choosing #Mymadeinke products, you’re sustaining the livelihoods of local creators and helping to build a robust, self-sufficient Kenyan economy.

Highlight Diversity of Products

Kenya is home to a diversity of traditional crafts and modern design. #Mymadeinke features a wide range of products from suit and jewelry to home decor, supplies items, and tech accessories. There’s something for everyone. The wayfarers reveals the richness of locally-made Kenyan goods and the ingenuity of the people who produce them.

Mymadeinke is a simple way for all Kenyans to support homegrown talent and strengthen their economy. By ownership and promoting Kenyan-made products on social media, we can work together to build a brighter future for our communities. What local product will you share next?

Why You Should Join the #Mymadeinke Movement

Want to showcase your proudly Kenyan trademark to the world? The #Mymadeinke movement is the perfect way. Here’s why you should join:

Increase Visibility

By tagging your social media posts with #Mymadeinke, you’ll proceeds exposure to over 50,000 Kenyans and counting. Your products and trademark will get in front of new potential customers who are passionate well-nigh supporting local businesses.

Build Community

You’ll connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and customers. Collaborate, share advice, and build partnerships. A strong, supportive polity is invaluable for any business.

Promote Patriotism

Mymadeinke celebrates the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans. By joining, you’re showing your pride in Kenya and inspiring others to do the same.

Boost Sales

With greater visibility and a worthier regulars of consumers defended to ownership Kenyan goods, your sales are unseat to increase. #Mymadeinke shoppers are eager to find and support high-quality, locally made products like yours.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to spread the word well-nigh your business, connect with new customers, and be part of a movement that’s putting Kenya on the map. Start tagging your posts, sharing the stories overdue your products, and joining the conversation. The #Mymadeinke polity is waiting to welcome you!

How to Participate in #Mymadeinke on Social Media

Participating in #Mymadeinke on social media is easy. All you need to do is snap some photos of your wondrous Kenyan-made products and share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag #Mymadeinke.

Post Photos of Your Products

The heart of #Mymadeinke is sharing visuals of the unconfined goods made in Kenya. Grab your smartphone or digital camera and take some high-quality shots of the products you make or sell. Get close-ups of the details, capture your products in use, and take photos from multiple angles. The increasingly eye-catching your photos are, the increasingly sustentation your posts will get.

Tell the Story Overdue Your Products

Don’t just post generic photos. Share the story overdue your products in the caption. Talk well-nigh where the raw materials come from, how the items are handcrafted, your company’s mission, and what makes your offerings unique. People will be curious to know what goes into making your Kenyan goods. Requite them a glimpse into your creative process.

Engage With Your Followers

Once you’ve posted well-nigh your products using #Mymadeinke, engage with anyone who comments or has questions. Thank people for their kind words and compliments. Answer questions well-nigh where to purchase your goods or how they’re made. Build personal connections and foster relationships with your new followers. Engaging with your regulars will make them increasingly likely to support your merchantry in the long run.

Check Out Other Posts and Share

Search the #Mymadeinke hashtag and see what other makers and sellers are posting about. Like and scuttlebutt on their photos. Repost some of your favorites. When you engage with others in the community, they’re increasingly inclined to engage with you too. Sharing each other’s posts is a unconfined way to spread the word well-nigh the wondrous products made in Kenya.

The #Mymadeinke wayfarers is all well-nigh showcasing and triumphal Kenyan-made goods. Post well-nigh your products, tell stories, engage with your followers, and support other makers. Promoting your wares on social media slantingly this popular hashtag is an easy way to uplift your merchantry and spotlight everything that’s made in Kenya.

Tips for Showcasing Your Kenyan Products With #Mymadeinke

Post High-Quality Images

Share eye-catching photos of your Kenyan products on social media with the #Mymadeinke hashtag. Use natural lighting and a simple preliminaries to make your products the focus. Show how people can use or enjoy your goods. High-quality images make a big impact and entice people to support local businesses.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Let people know the story overdue your Kenyan trademark or product. Share details well-nigh your business’s origins, mission, and values. Discuss how your goods are traditionally made or grown in Kenya. Stories help to build a personal connection with your regulars and motivate them to wilt loyal customers.

Highlight What Makes Your Product Unique

Show how your product is special or variegated from others. Is it made from locally-sourced, natural ingredients? Handcrafted using traditional techniques? Promoting the unique nature of your goods gives people increasingly reasons to segregate your brand.

Offer Discounts and Bundles

Run special promotions featuring discounts or product bundles to encourage increasingly people to buy from your business. For example, offer 10% off orders over $50 or stow three of your most popular items together at a lower price. Limited-time deals create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Engage With Your Followers

Respond to comments and questions from your followers. Say thank you for shares, likes, and tags. Engaging with the people who support your trademark helps to strengthen your connection with them and build a polity virtually your business. Strong engagement and polity support on social media can lead to increased trademark sensation and sales.

Using these tips to powerfully showcase your Kenyan products on social media with #Mymadeinke can help raise awareness, vamp new customers, and uplift your sales. Highlight what makes your trademark and goods special to motivate people to segregate local and support businesses in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions Well-nigh #Mymadeinke

What products can I showcase?

Mymadeinke is meant to highlight locally made goods from Kenya. This includes handcrafted items like jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, art, and more. As long as your product is authentically Kenyan-made, it’s perfect for this campaign. The goal is to support homegrown businesses and raise sensation of the wondrous products made right here in Kenya.

How do I participate?

Participating in #Mymadeinke is easy. Here are the steps:

Take a photo of your Kenyan-made product. Make sure it’s an attractive, high-quality image that showcases your item well.

Post the photo on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) withal with a caption well-nigh your product. Mention that it’s part of the #Mymadeinke wayfarers and include relevant hashtags like #MadeinKenya, #SupportLocal, or #ShopSmallBizKE.

Encourage your friends, family, and customers to like and share your #Mymadeinke posts. The increasingly whoosh virtually the campaign, the better! Ask them to tag you and use the #Mymadeinke hashtag as well when they share.

Be zippy in the #Mymadeinke online community. Like and scuttlebutt on other participants’ posts. Build connections and help spread the word well-nigh each other’s products. Collaboration will strengthen the campaign.

How long does the wayfarers run?

Mymadeinke aims to be an ongoing initiative to champion Kenyan-made goods. However, the official wayfarers push will run for the month of August 2021. During this time, the Ministry of Trade and The Kenyan Wall Street will be urgently promoting #Mymadeinke on social media and encouraging participation. The goal is to proceeds maximum exposure and engagement during this period. Of course, you are welcome to protract using the #Mymadeinke hashtag vastitude August to alimony promoting your locally-made products.

Join the #Mymadeinke wayfarers today and help showcase Kenya’s talented makers, creators and artisans to the world! Support local, buy Kenyan.


So there you have it – some unconfined tips for showcasing your wondrous Kenyan-made products using #mymadeinke. With a little creativity and consistency, you can really leverage this hashtag to build an regulars and consumer wiring for your business. Don’t be wrung to show off all the heart and skill you put into your products. Kenyans make some incredible stuff and the world should know! Tag your posts, engage with your audience, interreact with other businesses, and most importantly – be proud of what you create. The #mymadeinke polity is passionate and supportive, so get out there and requite it a try. You never know what doors it could unshut for your trademark and products. The future is unexceptionable for Kenyan entrepreneurs and makers like you!

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