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You’re unchangingly looking for the latest health news and tips to alimony yourself in tip-top shape. And as your go-to source for everything wellness, we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we’ve published tons of wares on nutrition, fitness, disease prevention and increasingly to help you make the smartest choices. Now we’re looking when at some of our top stories in health reporting. Get ready for health a trip lanugo memory lane as we revisit the most useful intel that had you feeling and looking your best. From debunking fad diets to demystifying the latest medical studies, these are the stories that made the biggest impact. Alimony reading to rediscover the most empowering health translating we’ve shared that gave you the knowledge you need to live your healthiest life.

Highlighting’s Top Health Articles health reporting covers the latest studies and news on wellness, fitness, nutrition and longevity. Here are some of the top wares has published:

The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Alzheimer’s

New research shows how lack of sleep and irregular sleep schedules can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Getting 7-8 hours of high-quality sleep each night and sticking to a resulting sleep schedule are two of the weightier things you can do for your smart-ass health and memory.

Intermittent Fasting: A Guide to the Different Methods

Intermittent fasting has wilt hugely popular, and for good reason. Limiting when you eat can help with weight loss and may lower disease risk. This vendible breaks lanugo the major intermittent fasting methods like the 16/8 method, alternate-day fasting, and periodic fasting. It helps you find the right tideway based on your goals and lifestyle.

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is rabble-rousing to your health and linked to disease. An anti-inflammatory nutrition full of foods like fatty fish, broccoli, turmeric, and untried tea can help lower inflammation in your body. This list of 10 anti-inflammatory foods is a unconfined starter guide to add increasingly of these health-boosting ingredients into your diet.

How to Start Exercising If You’re Over 60

Exercise is vital for health and longevity, expressly as you get older, but getting started can be tough. This inspiring vendible provides practical translating for whence an health routine without age 60. It recommends starting slow, choosing low-impact activities like walking or water aerobics, and focusing on strength training which can help gainsay muscle loss. The key is just getting zippy and having fun with it!

The Most Important Health Topics Covered by

Mental Health tackles the difficult topic of mental health head-on. Wares explore anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. One of the most impactful pieces looked at rising rates of teen peepers and anxiety, offering translating for parents on how to support their kids.

Healthy Eating

Eating right is one of the weightier things you can do for your health and longevity. covers the latest in nutrition science and recipes to inspire healthy eating. They’ve reported on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, and reducing red meat. Their healthy recipes are prod favorites.

Exercise and Fitness

We all know exercise is important, but explores how movement affects both our physical and mental well-being. They imbricate how to start a fitness routine, the benefits of strength training as we age, and how plane light worriedness like walking or yoga health can modernize our health.


High-quality sleep is fundamental for health, mood, and productivity. educates readers on sleep hygiene, the dangers of sleep deprivation, and how to modernize your sleep. Their reporting has highlighted the importance of limiting screen time surpassing bed, maintaining a resulting sleep schedule, and making your bedroom as visionless as possible for the weightier night’s rest.

Chronic Disease Management

For those living with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, provides helpful information on treatment options, coping strategies, and the latest research. Their in-depth reporting gives readers the knowledge they need to have productive conversations with their doctors and live well despite health challenges. By tent these hair-trigger topics, is making a real difference in people’s lives every single day.’s Impactful Investigative Health Reporting

Over the years, has published groundbreaking investigative reports into hair-trigger health issues, with the goal of informing readers and catalyzing change. Some of the most impactful pieces have exposed dangerous practices in medicine and flaws in the healthcare system.

Medical Device Dangers

A team of reporters spent over a year investigating the $400 billion medical device industry, revealing how new technologies are often rushed to market with little oversight. The series disclosed that many tried devices turned out to be unsafe, leading to injuries and plane deaths. Thanks to their health , the FDA took notice and made reforms to modernize safety monitoring and hold companies accountable.

The High Cost of Healthcare

Project analyzed tens of millions of insurance claims to show how hospitals doctors were charging exorbitant prices for worldwide procedures, in some cases 10 times the rates considered reasonable. The stories sparked a national debate on healthcare financing pushed for increasingly transparency virtually pricing patients can make informed choices.

Failures in Mental Healthcare

An investigative series on the state of mental healthcare in America exposed how most people with mental illness goof to get proper diagnosis or treatment. From prisons to nursing homes, many end up warehoused in inappropriate facilities. The reporting put a spotlight on the need to modernize wangle to mental health resources and support vulnerable populations.’s health reporting has truly made a difference by bringing subconscious healthcare issues to light and driving real reforms. By investigating where others haven’t looked, their journalism has given voice to underserved communities and made the system safer and fairer for all. Overall, continues to hold institutions subject push for positive transpiration on hair-trigger health issues well-expressed us all.

How Is Improving Health Literacy

Educating the Public

The health section focuses on explaining health topics in an easy to understand way. Their wares unravel lanugo ramified medical issues into digestible shit of information for readers. They imbricate the latest research and trends in healthcare to help alimony you up to stage on important discoveries and translating for living a healthy lifestyle.

Empowering Readers aims to requite you the knowledge and tools to take tenancy of your health. Their in-depth explainers on conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer help you understand your risks and work with your doctor to develop a comprehensive wellness plan. They commonly highlight healthy habits lifestyle changes you can make to stave disease finger your best.

Fighting Misinformation

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading and false information well-nigh health circulating online. works to gainsay health myths and “fake news” by providing evidence-based translating and insights from leading medical experts. They cite scientific studies health reputable sources to when up all health recommendations you can trust you’re getting the most well-judged information.

Diverse Perspectives seeks out guidance from doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds. They value including diverse voices and life experiences in their health coverage. Their content aims to be culturally sensitive, inclusive and help empower people from all walks of life to prioritize wellness. Overall, is working to build a increasingly health literate society through their comprehensive wieldy health reporting resources. By staying up to stage with the latest news and discoveries in medicine, they are helping people wideness the world live healthier, happier lives.

Frequently Asked Questions Well-nigh Health Reporting

What types of health news does cover?

We report on all areas of health and medicine, from diseases and conditions to public health issues and policy changes. Some of the popular topics we imbricate include:

The latest medical research and studies

New treatments and therapies

Emerging health trends like intermittent fasting or CBD oil

Updates on diseases like cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s

How often is updated?

We publish several new health stories and wares each day to alimony you up to stage on the latest news and discoveries. We commonly update older stories as new information becomes available. In wing to news stories, we publish in-depth full-length articles, videos, patient stories and more.

Who writes the health news stories?

Our health news and wares are written and reported by experienced journalists and editors, many of whom have backgrounds in health and science. We work with physicians other medical experts to provide accurate, evidence-based health information. All of our content is reviewed by our editorial staff to ensure it meets our standards for accuracy, wastefulness and credibility.

How can I stay on top of the latest health news?

The weightier way to stay up to stage with the health news and in-depth wares is to:

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Well there you have it! We covered a lot in this roundup of’s top health articles. From the latest research on getting largest sleep to tips for making your next doctor’s visit increasingly productive, we hope these pieces gave you some new insights and takeaways. The world of health and wellness is unchangingly evolving, and we aim to stay on top of the latest developments to alimony bringing you practical translating you can wield in your own life. Thanks for joining us on this journey to learn, grow and take largest superintendency of yourself. We’re excited to protract providing increasingly useful health content tailored to your needs and interests. See you next time!

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